Madeleine Ostoja

My name’s Madi. I’m a film photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. I capture the urban landscape and explore how people relate to it. I own too many cameras, most old enough to be my parents, and I shoot film because it allows me to see the world how I want to see it.

I spent most of my early years travelling, from taking a motorbike over the Indian Himalayas, to backpacking through East Africa, to living in Spain, to being shipwrecked in Bass Strait. But it wasn't until I settled in New Zealand and discovered film that I truly fell in love with photography, and found the biggest passion in my life.

When I’m not working on photography I’m working on work, as a senior developer at General Studios. I previously ran a funded startup, something I'll never do again, and now I'm making things that align with what I love. My latest passion project is a portfolio platform for photographers called Bokeh.

I also happen to be transgender, and photography gave me a way to express myself before I even was myself. I’m passionate about capturing the fleeting moments that pass us every day, and making our world feel a little more magical. I hope that comes through in my work.